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About AGT

Welcome to our website

We are the Ukrainian group of companies AgroGloryTime – engaged in intensive, organic cultivation of agricultural crops in open and closed ground. Since 2020, we accept investments and pay up to 100% per annum. Starting in 2022, we will tokenize real businesses.

AgroGloryTime has successfully completed the 1st half of 2023!


Payments for the second quarter amounted to 0.55 cents per token, that is: For those who bought AGTI in April 23rd – 24% per annum in foreign currency – In June 22nd – 74% per annum WEIGHTED AVERAGE – 60% If we talk about all payments for a year of work, then this is 80% per annum. For real business and investment, these are fantastic results, and they were achieved thanks to our work, trust and support of the community; We hope this will continue to be the case! Everyone who bought and will buy AGTI before listing (that is, buying a token for less than 50 cents) is in the PREMIUM CABIN OF OUR LINER From the moment of listing, when purchasing at a price of up to $1 – these are first class seats on the airliner Up to $2 – business class and then, with the successful launch of AGTInw, the rest will buy the token, while THEY will have a lower profitability (6-10% per annum) and the opportunity to participate in our intelligent network – passengers of the higher classes will be much more expensive, while our principle will enjoy the highest delights of AGTI than before , the more profitable; bought it late – it’s still profitable for you! will still be respected!

We have launched a referral program without investment!
Explore and participate!

The referral program has already allowed dozens of our promoters to earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars

And after all, only two or three generations of referrals out of ten are built!
Promote our ideas and sell the token.
Form a first generation program and earn hundreds of dollars per week.
When the second or third generation is formed, hundreds will turn into thousands. In time, when it gets to the sixth to eighth generation, it will be TENS OF THOUSANDS.

AgroGloryTime has capitalized some of its land to a value in the

Further tokenization will allow all 2000ha to be capitalized like this!

We offer two investment programs

AGTI token

Invest from 1$

Affiliate Program

from 50% p.a. – joint construction of a greenhouse

We have begun to develop a smart grid


This network will form a global self-developing mind that will allow qualitative solutions to previously inaccessible tasks
As well as in a more precise way – ordinary tasks
Any ideas? You know how to code? Do you understand distributed computing? Join, earn agti and increase the value of agti to tens and hundreds of dollars!

WSU as a guest of AgroGloryTime

We had some guys from WSU visit us – many of them own AGTI tokens


Leading humanity into the future AgroGloryTime provides free training on the ABCs of CRIPTOVALUTES WORK for everyone



Please note – this is only a sample plan Made in 2021 according to European standards And giving an understanding of the financial model of the greenhouse work For actual figures, please contact our chats:


Connecting crypto and reality

AGTI – theses mutually beneficial work:

  • AgroGloryTime is a Ukrainian agricultural holding with 2,000 hectares of land right on the borders with Hungary and Romania
  • There is a greenhouse complex that brings in about $2 million a year and is still under construction
  • Vegetables are grown in the open ground
  • Plans include mushrooming, fish production, infrastructure projects, industrial processing and more.

We are looking for wholesale buyers, including from the EU

Machine norms


Organic technologies

Great flavor


It’s almost a year old AGTI token

A lot of work has been done:

  • Hundreds and hundreds of tons of fresh vegetables have been harvested, greenhouses of author’s design have been supplied, we are fully prepared for blackouts, floods, hail, frost …
  • New fields are being planted
  • The referral program is already bringing people up to $1,000 a month
  • AGTI token yielded an average of 75% per annum
  • An AGTInw smart grid is being developed that could raise the value of a token tenfold
    Bloomberg, Bitcoinist, Investorobserver and other reputable publications give positive evaluations of our endeavors