In 20-21, about 1.3 million dollars was accepted by fiat
A complex of 17 greenhouses of 1000 square meters each with modern equipment and a boiler house with a maximum capacity of 4.5 MW has been built

The estimate of the first ten greenhouses made by the insurance company is $140k per greenhouse

All fiat investments (at 50-100% per annum!!!) have been returned or are now working in greenhouses with profitability of about 30% per annum (lower profitability due to the war)

The token is created in the summer of 2022. Token has raised about $1 million dollars, purchased a generating station, machinery, mushrooming equipment that is being installed and more.

The average profitability of the token is 35% per annum with an increasing trend as the token grows, for example, those who bought the token in June 22nd got 95% today.