Let’s say you rent an apartment for 1,000 a month.
A year, 12,000.
Then the apartment is worth 120000-240000 correct estimate?
Multiplier on annual profit 10-20
The same calculation is made for the enterprise.
Next, the value of the token is C=KP/N, K multiplier ~10-20 P annual profit N number of tokens But that’s not all Annual profit is monotonically related to… the number of tokens sold! money per token is attracted F(t) D= F(t)N
D – borrowed money

If some sufficient profitability R is observed, we have
With the price of the token

K is a market coefficient – it depends on the general trend and on the advertising of our token that we develop
R is the average profitability, we try to increase the
And so F(t) is the selling price of the token – which allows you to balance the quantity and profitability of the token
It has already been shown that our model allows us to keep this function correct and smoothly increase the token value as the number of tokens sold increases

The exchange essentially defines a multiplier where 10 is cheap, 20 is expensive
If 5 is very cheap if 50 is very expensive.
Less than 5 and more than 50 is already speculation

That’s why we’ll hold the token at a projected odds of 10-20
Whoever sells cheaper on the stock exchange is a sucker.
Whoever’s more expensive is the best.
The algorithm for calculating the price of a token is very complicated
We’ll hook up the neural network and the DAO with the Rosenblatt principle.
So everything will be under control