The grant scam

Or - we steal on everything!
All farmers, vegetable growers and gardeners were very happy to learn that the adored government has allocated hundreds of grants of seven hryvnias each for the development of greenhouses, orchards and processing.
The press sings and trumpets about the imminent rise of agriculture in these branches. And small farmers. And all this in wartime...
Of course, we were interested in such financing, so we decided to figure it out and went into the kitchen where such initiatives are cooked.
Let's stop here on the greenhouse program, the rest are exactly the same plan - do not hesitate, figure it out - our channel already has these materials.
So what's on offer. You submit an application, where you are evaluated and selected according to different criteria - do you snore in your sleep, how do you share it with, and so on.
Further, if you have been chosen, deposit UAH 3 or 5 million in the bank on an escrow account.
Further. You get 7 or 5 million to the same account.
Build a greenhouse according to the design of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy for 2 hectares for the indicated UAH 10 million and employ them. There is a suspicion that this model of greenhouses will be built by specific enterprises, indicated by whom.
50% of the amount received must be paid in taxes within three years.
You employ 2 people on 40 hectares of greenhouses.
Thus, having put your 100-150 thousand dollars, you will be forced to buy an incomprehensible tent from whoever you know - because for 300 thousand dollars you will not install anything else on two hectares. For this money, it is unrealistic to build a working greenhouse complex on such an area, only a Potemkin village. A greenhouse is not only metal and film, but also climate, heating, supplementary lighting, warm irrigation systems, a zero cycle site, roads, an information center, a heating main, drip irrigation, a boiler room and much more ... otherwise nothing will grow.
You will employ a whole bunch of people there. Forty people!!! And you will drown in paying taxes - such a tent will not yield a harvest.
All are positive!
The economy will be taken away
BEB will initiate a criminal case and put him in jail for misuse, or embezzlement, or non-payment.
40 slackers will get paid for a couple of years, as much as you can manage
Well, those who sniffed you before the grant and the producers of, so to speak, greenhouses (and their daddies) will warm up well.
No, AgroGloryTime attracts honest investments and will do without such cheese in a mousetrap.