AgroGloryTime capitalizes land to a fantastic MILLION DOLLARS FOR HECTAR

AgroGloryTime has capitalized a portion of its land about the value of ONE MILLION DOLLARS FOR HECTAR
Further tokenization will allow all 2000ha to be capitalized like this!

One of Ukraine’s riches is its land. The largest black soils of the planet allowed Ukraine to bring the production of oilseeds and leguminous crops to a fantastic one hundred million tons!

Well surprise, the market value of the most expensive hectare of the most fertile Ukrainian chernozem is less than one thousand dollars!

This is due to the predatory exploitation and depletion of land by oligarchic agricultural holdings, because the price of a hectare in Europe reaches up to 100,000 dollars….

AgroGloryTime is a Ukrainian corporation that owns over 2,000 hectares of land on the very border with Hungary and Romania
The company’s lands are volcanic sandy loam and loam. And in terms of fertility they are far from chernozems, but the rich mineral composition allows you to grow very tasty and healthy vegetables.

However, AgroGloryTime has managed to capitalize the land to a value of $1 million per hectare, and you’re about to see how:

Let’s take a part of the complex – 5 cucumber greenhouses with infrastructure and communications, it is about 0.9 hectares; in greenhouses modern thermal insulation, automation and other modern solutions; the design and construction of greenhouses – author’s
Six months a year is harvested, taking into account seasonality and other things – the average annual yield of the five greenhouses shown is 100 tons, or, on average, 5 million hryvnia, with annual costs of about one million two hundred thousand hryvnia.
And lo and behold, less than one hectare of land brings in a steady $100,000 a year!

Based on the industry standard multiplier of 10 on annual profitability – we get an estimate of at least one million dollars per hectare in AgroGloruTime!
Thus only 25 hectares of land out of 2000 have already been capitalized. And now the corporation has issued its AGTI token to raise funds and further green and organic capitalization of its land!
The land of Ukraine is a truly precious diamond, and AgroGloryTime Corporation believes that the cutter for this diamond should be a token that turns the diamond into a diamond of great value!