AgroGloryTime: FREE training on digital assets

Do you want to be part of revolutionizing finance and human development?

AgroGloryTime, a Ukrainian corporation that owns 2,000 hectares of land on the border with the European Union, is offering free training on digital assets.

Digital assets are the future, and AgroGloryTime wants as many people as possible to learn about them and learn how to use them.

The company has correctly tokenized agribusiness for the first time in the world, resulting in incredible efficiency gains.

The cost of 1 hectare of used land is already a million dollars, and the interest rate on investment in AGTI’s own token reaches 60-70% per year!

AgroGloryTime aims to bring all its 2,000 hectares to the same level of efficiency and become a leader in intensive farming in Europe.

The company is also working on the world’s first smart grid, AGTInw, which will change the way knowledge and value is created through distributed computing.

AgroGloryTime believes that the future of humanity is tied to distributed computing and wants to bring Ukraine to the forefront of this revolutionary change.

In this regard, the company is launching a training program in a Telegram group.

Training is absolutely free, and group materials and direct communication with experts are available to everyone, everyone can ask a question and get a qualified answer!

Join AgroGloryTime and become part of the future!

Telegram group link: