AgroGloryTime – When growth and success become a challenge

In wartime conditions, when economic stability seems an unattainable dream, the Ukrainian holding AgroGloryTime risked becoming one of the victims of complex political and economic events in the post-Soviet space. But the company decided not to give up and prove that care for the environment, product quality and financial stability can be key tools for success in any environment.

AgroGloryTime is one of the largest Ukrainian private owners of 2000 hectares of fertile land close to the borders of Hungary and Romania. The main field of activity of the company is organic vegetable production, which is characterized by quality, taste and huge demand among customers.

The company realizes methods of intensive farming and on already developed plots (about 25 hectares) the cost of land with business on it, is over 1 million dollars for 1 hectare – not every agribusiness has achieved this, even in Europe, and can afford such costs. The company decided to attract international investors by offering them to buy AGTI tokens – built on the world’s first correct agribusiness token model.

Over the past year, AGTI tokens have provided their owners with an annualized return of 75% – this proves the effectiveness and attractiveness of this model for investors. A bonus is the fact that AGTI tokens are backed by the company’s land and capital, which brings additional security to all owners.

AgroGloryTime is a staunch ally of Ukraine during the humanitarian catastrophe, and every year produces several thousand tons of vegetables – a huge number of people are saved and helped.

AgroGloryTime, risked falling victim to difficult economic conditions, but decided to focus on quality products and demanding standards. As a result, the company has established itself as a reliable and stable holding capable of operating in a variety of conditions and successfully developing even in such a difficult period. The war times are becoming a real challenge for profit growth, but AgroGloryTime is ready for this challenge and continues to develop successfully for the benefit of its partners and investors.

Now for the risks and pitfalls of the business.

  • Knowing the significant corruption of the state apparatus in Ukraine, are you not afraid of raider seizures of enterprises?

We can answer this question with complete certainty. AgroGloryTime actively utilizes security and legal best practices in its operations. We realize that corruption and raiding can be very damaging to our operations, so we take all necessary measures to protect our company and its investors. Our land has full legal protection and we work closely with law enforcement and security professionals. In addition, our investors can be confident in the reliability and protection of their funds due to the stable operation of the company and effective risk management.

Indeed, our piece of land is an exceptional tidbit for any oligarch, and the profitability of a greenhouse complex of several million dollars a year, makes it a target for homegrown gangsters. Therefore, attempts of this kind have been and will continue to be made by people with a guilty conscience. However, all lawsuits regarding our land have already been resolved in our favor, and the company participates in a strategic food supply program of the regional administration – thus, any attempts to interfere with operations are considered sabotage, and will be investigated under wartime laws. In addition, we have a strong security system and a strong security service. On the legal side, we work with international law firms – so we reasonably feel safe.

In addition, AgroGloryTime actively participates in charity programs aimed at improving social and economic conditions in the regions where our farms are located. We are committed to developing sustainable interactions with our partners and customers, and to respecting and preserving the environment while utilizing the most advanced agricultural practices and technologies. We are confident that our approach will help us continue to grow and succeed in the future.

  • But besides the risks of violent human action, there are also factors of a less insurmountable nature – flooding, war, etc., right?

There undoubtedly are – and we need to deal with each one:

  • Military risks are the worst and the most unbelievable… Here, undoubtedly, the immediate neighborhood with the EU plays a positive role – and knowing the “accuracy” of targeting of aggressor’s missiles, the probability of such actions is reduced. Besides, there are no strategic facilities in the vicinity of our section, so it makes no military sense to direct missiles at us. In addition, we have many open fields that are not afraid of bomb and missile hits at all – and are a risk damper on the company’s profitability. The fields will still yield crops.
  • storms and hailstorms. The construction of our greenhouses has already shown resistance to such phenomena, yes, there are minor excesses that do not cause much damage.
  • power outages. As recently as last year, a powerful generator set was installed which allows us to solve this problem.
  • flooding. We regularly build and supplement flood control infrastructure that protects the greenhouse complex and fields from flooding. The winter of 2021 saw the highest water levels in the Tees since 2000. All the fields of the selrada and neighboring farmers were flooded, we were fine, there is a video about it on the channel . More information about us here:
  • drought. The full-water Tisa is 300 meters away, behind two dams, and our modern irrigation system prevents the soil from drying out.
  • disease and crop failure. Yes, it’s a serious risk. For example, there is now an imported tutta absolute from Latin America. We’re taking quarantine measures! But! Crop failure and disease can never be ruled out – but they will not be throughout the entire cultivated area. And if something like that happens – the dividend will go down for a while. Globally, it will not affect the value of the token.
  • legal risks. The main thing to understand is that our activities are useful to society, do not harm nature, are legally registered, and we have no tax debts. As we said, we are served by international attorneys. The token offer is executed in accordance with the US and EU legislation, and after Ukraine adopts the law on cryptocurrencies, we will pass the relevant licensing – we have everything prepared. Such a license will be recognized, by appropriate procedure, in most countries of the world.

Now back to AgroGloryTime’s projects and perspectives.

AGTI Token: Discover promising investment opportunities in AgroGloryTime

Looking for a promising investment opportunity? Then check out the AGTI token from AgroGloryTime! Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in AGTI today:

  1. AGTInw is the future of hybrid distributed intelligence

As the first hybrid distributed intelligence network tied to AGTI, AGTInw promises to bring a unique offering, a super intelligence the world has never seen before. AGTInw has received positive reviews from leaders in the global financial media such as Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance.

  1. P2E Gaming – Experience the excitement of AgroGloryTime business

AgroGloryTime has blown up the cryptocurrency world with the release of its token, and is releasing an exciting P2E (Player-to-Environment) platform using its AGTI token. With P2E gamification, you can dive into the AgroGloryTime ecosystem and interact with it like never before.

  1. Additional Measures – Westing, Stacking, Foundation, DAO

AgroGloryTime is taking various measures to ensure a successful entry into the AGTI market in 2024. These additional measures include vesting, staking, foundation and proactive DAO. All these measures together ensure that the potential deterioration of the token’s value is prevented and the AGTI rate moves upwards.

  1. Profitability forecast

Based on our projections, we expect AGTI to trade for about $2/1AGTI in 2024 with an expected annualized return of $0.2/1AGTI.

Investing in AGTI is a contribution to the growth and development of Ukraine, as well as an opportunity to earn a good profit! In addition, you can even visit us in sunny Transcarpathia to see for yourself the fruits of your investment.

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Choose AGTI today and choose the future!