We are looking for a team from all over the world!


Our company provides a good and reliable income, but due to its specifics, the entrance to the most inexpensive program is 100000 hryvnia, which is a lot and not everyone is ready for such an amount.
This is especially true for foreign investors who travel far and see our business, because it is not virtual, but local. Of course, in order to attract international capital, we must work to reduce entry by
company tokenization.
It is about tokens, namely the preparation of the release and the pre-sale that will be discussed now.

  1. We are launching a bounty campaign right now to alert a large number of people around the world.
    Those who want to earn money and are interested in working with us should carefully study the documents, business plans and projects of AGT. Feel free to contact us directly via telegram and ask questions (in Ukrainian and Russian orally, in other languages ​​in writing). Delve into. Next, write your personal meaningful text or video about us. Be sure to check with us! You place it in five social networks or specialized forums. The post must receive over 100 likes or five meaningful comments in each network. Responses to comments are also consistent with us.
    After that, we credit you with 1000 tokens, that is, $50 at the start. At first, we simply take them into account before issuing tokens.
    And immediately you will receive them in your wallet. They can be sold in a year, the planned starting price of the token will already be 20 cents, that is, 4 times more expensive! And it will continue to grow...
    In addition, having accumulated 100000 tokens, you can officially enter the authorized capital of our enterprise, co-own property and make a profit officially.
  2. Specialists in various areas of cryptocurrencies and placement, crypto marketing can also contact us and receive a salary in tokens by agreement.
    The mutual benefit is clear - we will find people who are willing to work with us, you will earn money with your work and increase the value of our company, and therefore your tokens.
    We are looking for people who will be interested in distributing and increasing the value of our tokens and, as a result, will form our own crypto team remotely and from all over the world!

Company tokenization.

In the white paper, we set out legal guarantees for the security of the token. Tokens are issued at a price of 5 cents. Which corresponds to one billionth of the company's value today. Within a year or two from the moment of issue, the price of the token rises to the nearest prospective price of the company, that is, to about 30 cents, and with this the token enters the exchange.
Features and benefits of our token -
a. Tokens in the amount of 100000 pieces are unconditionally exchanged for real 0.01% participation in the company.
b. The profit of the company is paid quarterly for each token. The first year is 25%, the second 40%, this is a guaranteed minimum (from the face value of the token). Further, guarantees on the profitability of the token are removed, but expectedly at least 30-40%. 75% of the profit of the owner's company is paid. sold tokens.
in. In addition, the token itself, with the growth of the company, will grow in price.

If the program is more or less successfully implemented in this form, and the enterprise is capitalized up to $100000 per hectare, there are plans to purchase additional land both in Ukraine and in the EU and other countries in order to turn AGT into an international corporation.