AGTI is your top investment goal today! If you want to make money, then our token is what you need.

According to Forbes, the average return on real estate or stocks is 6% annually, with a maximum return of 10%. But what about a bank deposit in normal currency? This option yields up to 1% per annum, which is a much less favorable choice.

You can, of course, take a risk and invest in deposits in hryvnias, which can bring up to 15% per annum. However, there are two risks associated with this choice. First, the hryvnia may fall two or three times. Second, the bank could unexpectedly go bankrupt, leaving you without money.

Our AGTI token is ideal for those looking for high returns and minimal risk. With a quarterly payout per token of $P, you can expect the token price to fluctuate between $40Pand $400Pon exchanges, with an average quote of $70*P (corresponding to a 6% annualized return).

It’s a guaranteed way to make more money than traditional investment options without taking unnecessary risks. Invest in AGTI now and start getting the returns you deserve.


For Q1, AGTI paid $0.005 per token. This means that the expected average price on the exchange for this quarter is $0.35 per token (i.e. 70 * 0.005), while we were selling tokens at $0.073 at the end of the year 2022 – almost 5 times cheaper!

We appreciate our policy of undervaluing AGTI as this will help increase its value on the exchange as it grows and develops.

In addition, we are working on the development of the AGTInw smart grid, which Bloomberg estimates will further increase demand for the token.

We are also launching a P2E game related to agribusiness, AgroGloryTime, where AGTI will be used as native currency.

One of our main approaches is a dump restraint system that will allow token issues and withdrawals to be limited to smart contracts, staking, DAOs – and reduces the potential for sharp and unwarranted declines in the price of AGTI on the exchange.

AgroGloryTime’s business is constantly growing and capitalizing, and quarterly payouts are gradually increasing, along with the token price.

Fluctuations are possible, but we guarantee stable growth in the AGTI rate and dividend payments due to the synergies between agribusiness and AGTInw and the use of anti-dumping measures.