1.How critical is the deviation from the roadmap and actual project development?

Not very critical – dividends may fluctuate, but there will be growth because land is plentiful, the plot is strategic to us!

2. stuff happens, if we still can’t get the right amount of community, what happens?

Community, it’s for AGTInw application – we won’t gain by the new year – we’ll gain later, so far the growth is according to plan, I’m sure that 30000 will be soon, just the money is not in marketing, but in the ground).

3. there will be no bullish trend in the next 2, 3, 5 years…how will this affect the development of the project, payment of dividends, going public?

Dividends depend on work, and land and greenhouses are always profitable – there may be deviations, but that’s normal; yes, we try to diversify everything; war and nukes are a danger – but it doesn’t depend on us(

4. If for some reason the inflow of new investments stops, what will happen to the project and those who became investors?

There is no connection at all – the money is invested and working – less investment – just slower project growth, well, dividends and price will grow slower

Although, I’m only planning on going out to the US, at our place. 90 percent of Ukraine has invested so far, I think it will be okay.

5. Suppose the cryptocurrency market dies for some reason (strict laws, emergence of something alternative and more attractive and promising,…), Will the project switch to new ways of attracting investments for further development?

Yes, we are quite attractive and the tokens will accordingly as a share go as stipulated

6. Well, and to what extent does the project and its further development and fulfillment of obligations to investors depend directly on you and Dasha? I mean, if something happened to you or Dasha.

Unfortunately, so far 100%, when we actually raise $15 million, we will gradually turn into a corporation with standard management. But now it is unprofitable – all the profit will go to management. They only want to give out instructions and listen to reports.)

And collateral – stocks and lands – are not dependent on our lives – there is an offer and it is realistic to get them on it!

7. I am an open-minded person, I am alarmed and intimidated as an investor by certain things. Why is the yield from the greenhouse 50/50, and from the token 75/25, why is the yield from the greenhouse 35-55%, and from the token more, while a significant part of the referral goes to the referral?

Because the token is involved in the whole business of the company, and for example from the fields the profitability is much higher, but the investment is less. The token grows like a share with the growth of the company, while the greenhouse is as it was and is not growing or falling, although our capitalization has almost tripled over the year due to new fields. Prospective mushroom farming in general would be very profitable due to the underground and the constant humidity and temperature.

8. What’s the difference? – you have to give a portion of the profits from the same business.

Businesses are different – a greenhouse is a greenhouse and the whole farm is the whole farm

9. Why did the loan become uninteresting?

Because that’s what we decided – EVERYTHING THE BANKS DO IS BANDITISM AND DEFENSE, we gave up on it!

10. You talk about the future in the token, but my opinion is that the future of the enterprise, and you first of all think about the future of the enterprise, in attracting investments and their competent development and it does not matter whether the funds came from the purchase of the token or a loan or co-ownership of a greenhouse, mushroom, fish stakes,….


A token is like a stock. It’s growing, the income is automatic and it’s convenient plus it attracts money from all over the world

We are no longer borrowing and don’t plan to at this point.

11. I, let’s say, am not ready to invest a lot of money through the purchase of a token and planned to diversify the risks, part in the purchased token, part in the loan and possibly enter the greenhouse.

In the greenhouse, please. And where you’re not ready, you don’t have to.

Although my confidence that the token will be somewhere around $2 leaves – but it’s a matter of your analysis and intuition – I’ll definitely steer clear of investments made in uncertainty.

12. Again I repeat, those who bought the token at 3 cents, as you say will have in the long run 5 cents or more of yield per quarter, which is more than 500% per annum, where will this money come from?

Once upon a time a dude sold 10 percent of Apple for $1,000. These shares are now worth 50 billion – where did that money come from? Study the token model, and read economics in general.

11. But at the same time the loan at 50% per annum is not interesting, how so?

Already answered

12. What do you heat with? I’m interested in how you built the tokenization system. First time I’ve seen this in the greenhouse business. Very interesting

1. See one greenhouse 1000 square meters – 200 lights at $200 each is $40,000
Yeah, wiring’s another 5,000. Then one light fixture consumes 200 watts totaling 40 kW for one greenhouse! That’s a power plant to put on the complex and not solar! We used to heat with pellets, but we switched to wood – it’s more profitable. You should have up to 250 kW of heat per greenhouse

2. Well, the token is its own development – it is impossible to tell in one word – understand the model
No one else in the world has succumbed to agrotoken: And our model is successful

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