AgroGloryTime: FREE training on digital assets

Do you want to be part of revolutionizing finance and human development?

AgroGloryTime, a Ukrainian corporation that owns 2,000 hectares of land on the border with the European Union, is offering free training on digital assets.

Digital assets are the future, and AgroGloryTime wants as many people as possible to learn about them and learn how to use them.

The company has correctly tokenized agribusiness for the first time in the world, resulting in incredible efficiency gains.

The cost of 1 hectare of used land is already a million dollars, and the interest rate on investment in AGTI’s own token reaches 60-70% per year!

AgroGloryTime aims to bring all its 2,000 hectares to the same level of efficiency and become a leader in intensive farming in Europe.

The company is also working on the world’s first smart grid, AGTInw, which will change the way knowledge and value is created through distributed computing.

AgroGloryTime believes that the future of humanity is tied to distributed computing and wants to bring Ukraine to the forefront of this revolutionary change.

In this regard, the company is launching a training program in a Telegram group.

Training is absolutely free, and group materials and direct communication with experts are available to everyone, everyone can ask a question and get a qualified answer!

Join AgroGloryTime and become part of the future!

Telegram group link:

Pros and cons of the AGTI token


  1. The token grows with the project, meaning your dividends and annual interest gradually increase. In a year’s time, it’s already very noticeable
  2. Accordingly, the price of the token is growing – and there is not much left until the exchange – we are taking a whole set of measures to reduce the possibility of dumping, and the price of the token will increase according to dividends, and additional demand for token, for which we are doing AGTInw network and P2E game. After all, it’s not bad to sell a token for five to ten times the purchase price, right? But for that, you still have to work hard now, developing the proct.
  3. The AGTInw network is a fantastic persepctive, the idea has been favorably evaluated by many, and even by Bloimberg and Yahoofinance. If successfully implemented, the token will just shoot up, it’s just a question of when.


  1. Agribusiness in war is unstable. There may not be crops or prices or logistics and dividends in one or two quarters may be low. especially if there’s obsteles and such.
  2. High dividend expectations may push people away (and derail the AGTI rate), especially if AGTInw has not yet unfolded – in the case of p.1


AGTI’s first anniversary

Exactly one year ago, on August 15, 2022, the Ukrainian corporation AgroGloryTime started selling the AGTI revenue token. The token was legally backed by 50 million dollars of the corporation’s own assets, and its purpose was to provide token holders with a steady income from growing vegetables in greenhouses.

Despite the skepticism of some, the AGTI project has been a success. The token price more than tripled in the first year, and token holders received dividends of about 80% per annum.

AGTI’s success is due to a number of factors. First, AgroGloryTime Corporation has extensive experience in growing vegetables in greenhouses. Secondly, the corporation’s greenhouses are located in Transcarpathia, where the mild climate and fertile soils are ideal for growing vegetables. Thirdly, the corporation utilizes advanced technology to grow vegetables, which enables it to produce high yields at minimal cost.

Currently, AgroGloryTime Corporation continues to expand its operations. The company plans to build new greenhouses, increase the range of products and launch the P2E game, in which each participant will be able to earn real money by modeling the real work of the company’s business.

AGTI’s first anniversary is a time to take stock and set new goals. AgroGloryTime Corporation is confident that the project will only grow in the future, and AGTI token holders will get even more profit.

Thank you all for your trust and participation in the project!

If you haven’t purchased an AGTI token yet, now is the time to do so. The token is undervalued and its price has a good chance to grow several times in the coming years.

Don’t make the mistake many have made of not buying bitcoin at 30 cents. Buy an AGTI token today, and ride in first class on a train to the future called AGTInw!

AGTI is your top investment goal today! If you want to make money, then our token is what you need.

According to Forbes, the average return on real estate or stocks is 6% annually, with a maximum return of 10%. But what about a bank deposit in normal currency? This option yields up to 1% per annum, which is a much less favorable choice.

You can, of course, take a risk and invest in deposits in hryvnias, which can bring up to 15% per annum. However, there are two risks associated with this choice. First, the hryvnia may fall two or three times. Second, the bank could unexpectedly go bankrupt, leaving you without money.

Our AGTI token is ideal for those looking for high returns and minimal risk. With a quarterly payout per token of $P, you can expect the token price to fluctuate between $40Pand $400Pon exchanges, with an average quote of $70*P (corresponding to a 6% annualized return).

It’s a guaranteed way to make more money than traditional investment options without taking unnecessary risks. Invest in AGTI now and start getting the returns you deserve.


For Q1, AGTI paid $0.005 per token. This means that the expected average price on the exchange for this quarter is $0.35 per token (i.e. 70 * 0.005), while we were selling tokens at $0.073 at the end of the year 2022 – almost 5 times cheaper!

We appreciate our policy of undervaluing AGTI as this will help increase its value on the exchange as it grows and develops.

In addition, we are working on the development of the AGTInw smart grid, which Bloomberg estimates will further increase demand for the token.

We are also launching a P2E game related to agribusiness, AgroGloryTime, where AGTI will be used as native currency.

One of our main approaches is a dump restraint system that will allow token issues and withdrawals to be limited to smart contracts, staking, DAOs – and reduces the potential for sharp and unwarranted declines in the price of AGTI on the exchange.

AgroGloryTime’s business is constantly growing and capitalizing, and quarterly payouts are gradually increasing, along with the token price.

Fluctuations are possible, but we guarantee stable growth in the AGTI rate and dividend payments due to the synergies between agribusiness and AGTInw and the use of anti-dumping measures.


Popular about AGTInw
How AgroGloryTime is building a global superintelligence.
Back around 2010, without knowing anything about bitcoin, we thought about creating virtual money.
While bitcoin, and gold (almost) has no real value, our goal from the beginning was to give computing the value attached to solving useful problems or obtaining information. We viewed new money as analogous to tokens (not yet knowing that word), projects or property/intellectual rights that can be secured and generate revenue and then converted to fiat money.
The Bitcoin blockchain has offered an innovative approach to solving this problem. They redefined the concept of money, which was traditionally associated with the function of accumulating savings, managing settlements, etc.
In reality, money is simply a function of accounting for debt. And that is what was ingeniously put into computerized form, and then used to create its own cryptocurrency.

Already around 2014, tokens turned out to be roughly what we envisioned, but we didn’t know how it could be realized. Cryptocurrency is a note of debt and a token ( in our case) is a stock, receipt, artwork, digital right to a work of art, etc.
This implements a powerful network of distributed computing and complex dynamic tables, i.e. blockchain. However, these calculations may not be of value. We decided to enable distributed computing by generating revenue and gaining some knowledge and information.
The AGTInw system differs from artificial intelligence in that it is built using our network based on completely different neurons (called Agents) – connecting humans, and their decisions, thoughts and goal-setting – and a computer dibo gadget. I will first give a brief description of artificial intelligence and then move on to a description of our network.
Current artificial intelligence was developed back in the 1940s, and Rosenblatt’s perceptron can be considered the closest and most understandable model. A neural network contains processors, which are actually small information stores and adders (made of dozens of transistors) connected to each other. The links between them are simply one-dimensional numbers, (perhaps now vectors as well) – so-called weights that change with learning. The process of training a network is simply setting up the weights. Well, the complexity of such quasi-synapses is also incomparable to the synapses of the human brain. However, the number of neurons – billions, co-location and fast performance allow them to achieve truly fantastic results!

And yet, the statement that the GPT network has more than 1 billion “neurons”, and the number of them will soon be comparable to the human brain, does not make sense, because the neuron, in the neural network of the brain, performs independent functions and is actually a living organism, controlling, thinking, making decisions. Naturally, the processing power of a human with 100 billion neurons in the brain is far superior to any AI neural network, including GPT. And the moments of goal-setting, morality, and self-awareness are generally inaccessible to classical computing systems. We’re reading R. Penrose’s “Shadows of the Mind.”
In turn, the AGTInw intelligent network differs from neural networks in that it somewhat imitates the work and development of the human brain, as well as uses algorithms for creating itself, self-development and self-learning.

Once again, a conventional neural network, as it is commonly called, is not a full-fledged neural network, but merely an aggregate of a huge number of small processors on which a Rosenblatt perseptron or similar more modern systems are emulated. Its advantages are high performance and the ability to emulate almost any perceptron-type network. However, the disadvantage is the lack of goal-setting capability. Also, AI neurons and synapses cannot be compared to those proposed in AGTInw.
Unlike conventional neural networks, each neuron in our system corresponds to real 100,000,000,000 neurons (incomparable to AI neurons) of the human brain with all its advantages and disadvantages, as well as connectivity, memory and power of the computer/gadget belonging to the person (“Owner” of AGTIneuron). The processing power of our system allows us to solve digital problems on a computer as well as manage network operations on a phone.
Our app has two versions: for phone and for computer. I can go into detail about the advantages and disadvantages of our system.

So, our idea of building a network is to connect a person and their gadget (computer, tablet or phone). The system allows you to register an Agent who can perform tasks or put them in front of other Agents. By clustering the available Agents in the Network, it is possible to create networks for various tasks in search, construction, medicine, translation, law, big data processing, etc.
This system resembles the human brain, where neurons combine to make new connections and form new networks. Each network initiator trains the network using a learning matrix, and this potentially leads to the solution of entirely new problems.
The creation of such a system will lead to its gradual development, where the initial small number of AGTIneurons, links and sub-networks will gradually increase, and the cost and complexity of the tasks to be solved will increase. Dealing with large amounts of information will justify the cost of developing this system. As the number of neurons grows, the chance of the network having a profound impact on humanity increases. Our goal is to take the Network from the level of brain organization of worms to butterflies to reptiles and further to build a system with millions of neurons and the ability to organize new networks to solve complex problems that seemed unsolvable.

But the payment in this network will be made with AGTI token – in what I see a sure prospect of its price growth.
It is the profitability and security of the AGTI token that will attract people to the work and development of the AGTInw network, and further the increase in the price of the token caused by participation in the Network will pull additional capitalization of agribusiness conducted by AgroGloryTime.

©P.Drobyshev, D.Novhorodkina

So how are we going to implement the listing of AGTI on the stock exchange?

The AGTI project has proven its seriousness and stability and going public in 2024 will be a logical and expected step that will predictably develop the project further.

We are now in talks with a number of exchanges, at about the second tier in terms of size. If we have a successful advertising campaign in America, we’ll be talking to tier one exchanges as well. We are then talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars to enter, if not a million! But we’ll work all of this out with the community.

What measures are we preparing now so that the start on the exchange will not be a failure?

The first thing that is absolutely necessary is a time limit on issuance. We have approximately already developed a restrictive algorithm, meaning that even though we have a billion tokens, we won’t be able to sell them immediately. We will put a certain number of tokens on crowdsale at a certain time, and at first this number will grow, and then gradually decrease, like Bitcoin and go to zero after many years. This one will provide long-term stability.

Further, we don’t want a period when all of our community members, or almost all of them, started dumping two to five dollars worth of our tokens, bought for pennies a piece, become millionaires, and then, thus, the exchange rate gets zamped to almost zero. We have this token with absolute value, it’s not designed for something like this, so we will definitely issue partial restrictions on the sale of AGTI for a certain amount of time. This will be the second factor that will help us manage the price of our token.

The next important factor is the creation of an intelligent network, which I have already almost formed in my head. Once we get this network up and running, it will gradually self-organize. That’s the whole point, similar to the development of an embryo’s brain. It starts with a single cell, then it divides, it responds to challenges, and eventually it becomes a human brain. We will have a similar situation where we will increase the number of computing power and AGTIneurons that will self-organize the smart grid. And AGTI is necessary to work with it – thus there will be a growing need for the token with limited supply.

We will also offer an interesting game specifically about our P2E agribusiness – sketches are already available, let’s start with a cartoon. It’s demand is not a token either! And advancement!

Another idea is to create a DAO with a supervisory board, with 20% of all tokens set aside as a reserve for the protection of owners. This DAO will provide insurance for token dump risks, retain large holders and insure small holders as a watchdog for shareholders. In order to contribute to the DAO, AGTI will need to be staked precisely for the purpose of participating in the DAO at a small percentage. The DAO will decide which coins and tokens to purchase to secure AGTI, and other risk management issues. As a result, increase the additional liquidity of tokens, which will also support their value.

We will also launch a simple staking mechanism, at a good percentage – which will vary to further reduce the number of tokens to go on the exchange, to discourage low priced token sales. This will be implemented on our site and you will be able to pick up your tokens after a year or a few months with a bonus.

Please complete with a list of suggestions on how to strengthen and improve the value of the token. I would like to add that we are actively working on algorithms and plan to launch our token on the exchange possibly on April 1 or July 1, 2024, if there are no bull market issues. We have to enter the market profitably and establish ourselves there.

Also we are promoting in Ukraine and our referral program is working well.


We need help in attracting investment to Ukraine, our poor country, and especially from the richest country, the United States. We are looking for marketers and other opportunities to promote AGTI sales in the US. We have already proved that our project works and we have normal dividends. However, we must continue to move forward to become a world project. We need your help and advice to reach our goal. Without it, we’ll be slipping, and we want to maximize our success. So get involved, guys, we really need you.



1.How critical is the deviation from the roadmap and actual project development?

Not very critical – dividends may fluctuate, but there will be growth because land is plentiful, the plot is strategic to us!

2. stuff happens, if we still can’t get the right amount of community, what happens?

Community, it’s for AGTInw application – we won’t gain by the new year – we’ll gain later, so far the growth is according to plan, I’m sure that 30000 will be soon, just the money is not in marketing, but in the ground).

3. there will be no bullish trend in the next 2, 3, 5 years…how will this affect the development of the project, payment of dividends, going public?

Dividends depend on work, and land and greenhouses are always profitable – there may be deviations, but that’s normal; yes, we try to diversify everything; war and nukes are a danger – but it doesn’t depend on us(

4. If for some reason the inflow of new investments stops, what will happen to the project and those who became investors?

There is no connection at all – the money is invested and working – less investment – just slower project growth, well, dividends and price will grow slower

Although, I’m only planning on going out to the US, at our place. 90 percent of Ukraine has invested so far, I think it will be okay.

5. Suppose the cryptocurrency market dies for some reason (strict laws, emergence of something alternative and more attractive and promising,…), Will the project switch to new ways of attracting investments for further development?

Yes, we are quite attractive and the tokens will accordingly as a share go as stipulated

6. Well, and to what extent does the project and its further development and fulfillment of obligations to investors depend directly on you and Dasha? I mean, if something happened to you or Dasha.

Unfortunately, so far 100%, when we actually raise $15 million, we will gradually turn into a corporation with standard management. But now it is unprofitable – all the profit will go to management. They only want to give out instructions and listen to reports.)

And collateral – stocks and lands – are not dependent on our lives – there is an offer and it is realistic to get them on it!

7. I am an open-minded person, I am alarmed and intimidated as an investor by certain things. Why is the yield from the greenhouse 50/50, and from the token 75/25, why is the yield from the greenhouse 35-55%, and from the token more, while a significant part of the referral goes to the referral?

Because the token is involved in the whole business of the company, and for example from the fields the profitability is much higher, but the investment is less. The token grows like a share with the growth of the company, while the greenhouse is as it was and is not growing or falling, although our capitalization has almost tripled over the year due to new fields. Prospective mushroom farming in general would be very profitable due to the underground and the constant humidity and temperature.

8. What’s the difference? – you have to give a portion of the profits from the same business.

Businesses are different – a greenhouse is a greenhouse and the whole farm is the whole farm

9. Why did the loan become uninteresting?

Because that’s what we decided – EVERYTHING THE BANKS DO IS BANDITISM AND DEFENSE, we gave up on it!

10. You talk about the future in the token, but my opinion is that the future of the enterprise, and you first of all think about the future of the enterprise, in attracting investments and their competent development and it does not matter whether the funds came from the purchase of the token or a loan or co-ownership of a greenhouse, mushroom, fish stakes,….


A token is like a stock. It’s growing, the income is automatic and it’s convenient plus it attracts money from all over the world

We are no longer borrowing and don’t plan to at this point.

11. I, let’s say, am not ready to invest a lot of money through the purchase of a token and planned to diversify the risks, part in the purchased token, part in the loan and possibly enter the greenhouse.

In the greenhouse, please. And where you’re not ready, you don’t have to.

Although my confidence that the token will be somewhere around $2 leaves – but it’s a matter of your analysis and intuition – I’ll definitely steer clear of investments made in uncertainty.

12. Again I repeat, those who bought the token at 3 cents, as you say will have in the long run 5 cents or more of yield per quarter, which is more than 500% per annum, where will this money come from?

Once upon a time a dude sold 10 percent of Apple for $1,000. These shares are now worth 50 billion – where did that money come from? Study the token model, and read economics in general.

11. But at the same time the loan at 50% per annum is not interesting, how so?

Already answered

12. What do you heat with? I’m interested in how you built the tokenization system. First time I’ve seen this in the greenhouse business. Very interesting

1. See one greenhouse 1000 square meters – 200 lights at $200 each is $40,000
Yeah, wiring’s another 5,000. Then one light fixture consumes 200 watts totaling 40 kW for one greenhouse! That’s a power plant to put on the complex and not solar! We used to heat with pellets, but we switched to wood – it’s more profitable. You should have up to 250 kW of heat per greenhouse

2. Well, the token is its own development – it is impossible to tell in one word – understand the model
No one else in the world has succumbed to agrotoken: And our model is successful

I am waiting for new questions))))) in chat

AgroGloryTime capitalizes land to a fantastic MILLION DOLLARS FOR HECTAR

AgroGloryTime has capitalized a portion of its land about the value of ONE MILLION DOLLARS FOR HECTAR
Further tokenization will allow all 2000ha to be capitalized like this!

One of Ukraine’s riches is its land. The largest black soils of the planet allowed Ukraine to bring the production of oilseeds and leguminous crops to a fantastic one hundred million tons!

Well surprise, the market value of the most expensive hectare of the most fertile Ukrainian chernozem is less than one thousand dollars!

This is due to the predatory exploitation and depletion of land by oligarchic agricultural holdings, because the price of a hectare in Europe reaches up to 100,000 dollars….

AgroGloryTime is a Ukrainian corporation that owns over 2,000 hectares of land on the very border with Hungary and Romania
The company’s lands are volcanic sandy loam and loam. And in terms of fertility they are far from chernozems, but the rich mineral composition allows you to grow very tasty and healthy vegetables.

However, AgroGloryTime has managed to capitalize the land to a value of $1 million per hectare, and you’re about to see how:

Let’s take a part of the complex – 5 cucumber greenhouses with infrastructure and communications, it is about 0.9 hectares; in greenhouses modern thermal insulation, automation and other modern solutions; the design and construction of greenhouses – author’s
Six months a year is harvested, taking into account seasonality and other things – the average annual yield of the five greenhouses shown is 100 tons, or, on average, 5 million hryvnia, with annual costs of about one million two hundred thousand hryvnia.
And lo and behold, less than one hectare of land brings in a steady $100,000 a year!

Based on the industry standard multiplier of 10 on annual profitability – we get an estimate of at least one million dollars per hectare in AgroGloruTime!
Thus only 25 hectares of land out of 2000 have already been capitalized. And now the corporation has issued its AGTI token to raise funds and further green and organic capitalization of its land!
The land of Ukraine is a truly precious diamond, and AgroGloryTime Corporation believes that the cutter for this diamond should be a token that turns the diamond into a diamond of great value!

We have embarked on the development of the AGTInw smart grid