We have started a mushroom program

Friends, despite the difficulties of war, we do not stop!

In July, we started our mushroom program.

There is already pre-project documentation for the first phase, with a capacity of 100 tons per year of mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.

The equipment has been partially ordered and is on its way to us. The site is assembled and equipped with all the necessary equipment.

Accordingly, the price of AGTI token is growing and will continue to grow.

We plan to see the first mushrooms in the spring.

And upon reaching design capacity, the dividends and token value will provide (together with the vegetable complex) a market value of 1-3 dollars for the AGTI token.

Important point: mushrooms are all-season and will smooth out the fluctuating dividends of the vegetable program.

As planned, we are building a sustainable and profitable company that will generate returns for its investors, even in an unstable economic environment.

Join us and together we will take AGTI into space! https://t.me/AgroGloryTime