Now there is a huge wave of panic about the bankruptcy of LUNA, FTX, BINANCE’s alleged problems.

What are we hearing?

  1. Take all the money away from centralized exchanges because it will be stolen by unscrupulous owners
  2. Some enforcers will take CeFi crypto exchange owners by the ass, and the latter will block your money.
  3. Crypto is a scam, a thing in itself, unnecessary to the economy, and will soon collapse.

Our opinion – crypto exchanges, both CeFi and DeFi have WAY turned into analogs of banks. Accordingly, they should keep only the instant liquidity ratio physically in their accounts (in banking it is usually 0.1-0.2), and the rest of the money should work and bring dividends and interest to depositors and owners.

The wrong, unsecured investment can bring down any and CeFi and DeFi exchanges.
To have such a mass of money and not invest it in the economy is the level of banks of the 10th century, not later. History has shown that banks are “the hearts that drive the blood into the economy” (T. Dreiser)

The question is – in which economy should cryptocurrency exchanges invest?

Our view is that the virtual economy is insufficient for risk diversification. Yes, social media, games, meta universes, and many other things of this nature are things people need and accelerate progress.

And all the same, IMHO, it is impossible to achieve comprehensive security without the involvement of real business. Just as the big banks have long since embraced cryptoassets, cryptosystems need a bridge to the real. And we created it!

Creating real crypto collateral and pulling it out to fund real businesses is a serious and daunting task. We solved it in mid-2022, and at this stage of the project, our model is on track.

That’s why our opinion is that a part of the cryptomass should be provided by real businesses, then all the objections mentioned in the beginning of the text will go away, the cryptoworld will be seriously stabilized.

Will it work? We’re wondering…

Buy AGTI token now, at the early stages of the project’s development – and, we are sure, it will be one of your most successful investments, excluding, of course, the purchase of BTC in 2010 and ETH in 15…

P.S. Stablecoins are also banks with the same functions but a slightly different form. Interestingly, UST is decentralized, but that didn’t save it from going down.