Details about the referral program

Sample example of a referral program calculation
Let’s assume that each active user buys a token for 100$ (we have an average purchase of about 1000$) and attracts for a month 3 active users (and can attract 100!, there are already wallets with several dozens of sons – for 10 days of work)
Then he gets from the first generation

From the second

From the third

From the tenth
3.5%:(2 in ninth)*(3 in tenth)*100$=$403.655.
So that’s about $1,000 a month

The generation-to-generation payout reduction factor is -2. Accordingly, anyone who wants to build such a system should strive to have at least three sons in a month, such that they will strive for the same. That’s the secret, not the amounts of their purchases. And then here’s your $1,000 dollars a month.
I’m about to give numbers for four and five sons (that’s more of an overestimate), but the $100 figure seems adequate to me for an average purchase

For 4, it’s about 12,000 a month
For 5, it’s about $100,000 a month

That is, the fecundity (activity) of the participants plays a very important role

Referral program