We communicate a lot with investors – both in chat rooms and in person. And I would like to note that not everyone understands how we manage to earn such money, to ensure the current profitability, which any American would call fantastic and incredible.

I’ll try to tell you…

Indeed, in April, when NO ONE in the country had cucumbers, I went to any bush and realized that each cucumber cost 10 hryvnias… Each bush cost 10 dollars! Snip and rejoice!

Only what technologies, what labor allowed to get ahead of ALL Ukrainian producers, and get such “golden” cucumbers?

This is only thought about by those who have either visited us or are involved in agriculture themselves. For the rest of us, it seems like planting-warming-treating- harvesting. And that’s that. Without even thinking about the fact that there are no men on the field, and women don’t really have a sledgehammer or welding skills. So why the sledgehammer or welding in the field – right? Pour and collect, and have a snack in between.)

If we talk about the current moment – now a bucket of cucumbers can be bought for 10 hryvnias – and the work is the same as in the spring…
Naturally, the wave of relocations is designed just for price holes, but it is not always possible to hit them perfectly.

And there’s still blackouts, generator work and the struggle for heat,,,,,,,

So it’s not easy to snip bucks off a bush.

But we do our best for ourselves and you!