FRIENDS! Important information!

WE LAUNCH the pre-SALE of our AGTI tokens

The purpose of the presale is to build a model that optimally enters the market
To make a profit, you need to create a metamask cryptowallet or a trustwallet
The price of 1 token is 3 cents 🇺🇸 at a face value of 5 cents
The minimum purchase on the presale is 10000 tokens, i.e. $300
Guaranteed profit in 2023 25% per annum at dollar par, in 2024 we pay 40% per annum quarterly, then according to the profitability from AGT’s activities, but I think at least 25% per annum
The cost of the token at the end of 2023 is planned to be 20 cents. In general, we plan to reach $1 in three or four years. This value will correspond to the market value of the assets.
We plan to enter the exchange upon reaching a normal level of token sales, approximately in 2024. Before that, it will be impossible to sell the token.
100000 tokens ($5000 at face value) can be exchanged at any time for 0,01% of the company's shares and participate in management.
This offer (STO) is absolutely legal and registration is being prepared in the USA, China, the EU - we will put the licenses here).
Thus, by paying $300 today, you are guaranteed to receive $2023 for 125 profit, and $2024 for 200, and further as AGT operates
And the cost of tokens on 01.01.23/500/01.01.24 will be $2000, on XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX about $XNUMX and will continue to grow
Money from STO is used exclusively for projects described in the white paper (in preparation) and serves to increase the value of assets and profitability of the company, the capitalization of our land.
We expect to attract capital from all over the world, especially given the current global sympathy for Ukraine
ON THE PURCHASE OF AGTI, please contact me directly in telegram -