Corporation Agro Glory Time (AGT) is based on the assets of a large agricultural holding - OJSC APG "Zakarpatsky Sad", LLC "SEVLYUSHFOODZ" and other companies of the corporation. Today (Q 2,3-2023), the AGT greenhouse complex uses "starting" areas - 25 hectares, of which 5 hectares of closed soil and complete ecological infrastructure. The entire land bank is 2 hectares. One of the key advantages is the availability of available water, which is critical for agribusiness. Just next to today's lands, the Tisza River flows in full water. For information, historically this area is called "Zatysyanshchyna", i.e. "beyond the Tisza/near the Tisza"
Areas of activity:
1. Growing greenhouse vegetables in your own greenhouse complex
2. Growing vegetables in open ground
3. The plans include mushroom and fish production, infrastructure projects, industrial processing and much more...

Company goals:

One of the key goals is capitalization up to $100.000 per hectare, which is not a "fantastic" indicator. Upon reaching such capitalization indicators, there are plans for further development and purchase of additional land in the EU, and possibly in other countries, with the aim of transforming AGT (Agro Glory Time) for an international company.

Company plans:

1. Expansion of greenhouse farming areas

2. Expansion of the assortment and set of varieties of cultivated vegetables

3. Access to new sales markets

4. One of the key goals is to achieve a financial indicator of capitalization up to $100.000 per hectare

5. Implementation of the "utilitarian function of the token" AGTInw, the purpose of which is to increase the value of the token due to additional technologies and solutions.

Corporation token AGTI - is the world's first bridge between real business and crypto technologies.

Technical details:

Адреса контракту: 0xE67feefC1c3C9725397a303B6Fcb5c099411e7b4

Decimal token: 0 (integer)

Name: AGTI

Network: BSC (BEP20) Smart Chain

Total supply: 1

Circulating supply: 20

Maximum bid: 1

The cost (as of June 07.06.2023, 0.1209) is $XNUMX

There are several reasons for this:

1. High speed of transactions

2. Low network fee (unlike Bitcoin/Ethereum)

3. Transparency of transactions and fees

4. Reliability of the network - it is supported by the largest international crypto company BINANCE.

We recommend you to use their BINANCE exchange to buy BNB (BEP20) and USDT (BEP20) tokens - BINANCE exchange will provide you many fiat input options and the most convenient means to buy BNB (BEP20) and USDT (BEP20) tokens!

At the moment (June 07.06.2023, XNUMX)

More than 20 million were sold
30 million are put up for sale

But everything is correct!

I will also note additionally - AGTI in the amount of 100 units are definitely exchanged for real 000% participation in the company (that is, if you wish, you can exchange them for real shares of the company).

Back in 2011, not being familiar with the Blockchain technology that was already in place at that time, we began to think (then this idea was just hanging in the air) about a system for creating virtual value and generating from it a new type of virtual money and a payment system resulting from it . The second and third questions at that time had already been ingeniously solved by S. Nakamoto in 2009, although the world accepted this solution closer to 2013. The question of value generation is still in its infancy. Yes, there are games and other applications whose tokens people are willing to buy because they benefit them. But globally, for example, Bitcoin and many other coins are essentially just distributed dynamic tables. Since the launch of smart contracts by V. Buterin, these tables have been managed by decentralized programs. New methods of anonymization, confidentiality and security have emerged. But tables remained tables. Now, with the help of the utilitarian function of the token AGTI we launch the generation of network value (in a broader sense than blockchain allows) in the real world, namely, the value of the ideas, knowledge and solutions created.

After publishing the idea, we hope for an influx of both money (due to the purchase of a token) and brains (for this, a referral program was invented to convey our ideas and find supporters around the world). Accordingly, in the time before the vesting of the token is withdrawn, we expect serious progress in the utilitarian sector as well. When the vesting is removed, the first version of the utilitarian machine will be launched, and the calculations for it will be carried out just unlocked AGTI.

If our idea takes off and creates a large community, and the value in the network is really generated, then the value AGTI will increase very significantly, the probability of such a development of events is non-zero... Otherwise, the utilitarian function will be used by a limited community. Most likely, the likely third option is gradual development, a gradual increase in value.

AGTInw is an intelligent network, which differs from an AI neural network in that every person with his gadget is a neuron there - a participant in other people's networks and a creator of his own. In case of development of such a network, it will make it possible to solve absolutely extraordinary tasks. And users' everyday tasks will be solved at a new level of precision.

Public token sale agreement (offer): https://agroglorytime.io/django-media/ua/AgroGloryTimeTermsUa.pdf Company documents (ownership rights, registers, statements, etc.): https://sevlushfoods.com/dokumenty/  Both companies are public, open, their data is available in open sources and state registers, which everyone can verify for themselves.
KYC is mandatory and it is! Please study the offer https://agroglorytime.io/django-media/ua/AgroGloryTimeTermsUa.pdf The website is in three languages

Most often, questions and concerns about sales. But! 10 months a year, you can easily sell any volume directly from the field and for cash. They tear off their hands and fight over the line. The problem, or rather, more correctly, the task is to grow a large volume in the winter period, without heat and light, and not cottony fruits, but organic, good-tasting and not poisoned by crazy doses of nitrates. We have sales and arrangements at the "Capital" market in Kyiv and in networks! But, we have never delivered cucumbers there yet) since straight from the field in the cold season - we really have a queue of people willing to pick up cucumbers. Up to the point that they count and curse each unit - a box, who takes how much today. Believe it or not, but this is reality. The reality is the same for this month of July - the price dropped to 1-3 hryvnias and it was difficult to sell it. At this stage, the networks took part of it, and we gave the rest as charity to orphanages, hospitals, and monasteries. There was no point in keeping the cucumber, it steamed and quickly disappeared. The plans include the construction of a vegetable storage in the rock under the Nyalab castle. Therefore, in order to minimize costs and losses for chemicals and workers, we finished the harvest and let the labor force prepare the greenhouses for the new harvest. Now we have already reseeded. To enter the price already with a fresh cucumber, and not just stretch the old one and start cleaning. Such are the cases.

First, the token is backed by shares of the largest private landowner in Transcarpathia. You can certainly exchange tokens for shares.
Second, the token can definitely be exchanged for the corporation's goods.

Well, the main thing is that agribusiness is always profitable in the long run. We diversify short-term risks. For two years of work, the actual payments averaged more than 45% per annum - and this is not the limit!

There will be no buyback, we are preparing for the IPO, then it will be possible to sell