Instructions for the financial model

  1. The financial model is for the next 5 years. The settlement period is quarterly. First quarter – presale at $0.03/$1 token.
  2. The FinModel data is calculated based on our planned quarterly sales volumes (column #5 – “Tokens Sold – Amount, $).
  3. Investments in tokens are allocated to business projects of different types with different profitability, the presence of capitization, as well as the period after which the project begins to bring profit and, accordingly, increase the income on tokens (more details are given on the “Initial Data” sheet).
    Projects whose designations in the FinModel contain a“” are capitalization projects (G, M, C, R, A).
  4. Column 3 “Tokens sold – pcs.” – is the number of tokens sold in the current quarter, distributed by project type. Column #4 “Average price of 1 token, $” is the average actual price of token purchases in the current quarter, calculated taking into account the planned stages and volumes of minting (for details of these stages see the “Initial Data” sheet). Thus, during one quarter, tokens can be purchased from one batch of minting (at one price) as well as from several batches (at corresponding prices).
  5. Column 6 “Profit for distribution – by project” is the amount of profit for each type of project for distribution for the current quarter, which is calculated depending on the level of profitability of each type of project (profitability in % per annum is specified on the “Input data” sheet).
  6. Column 7 “Profit to Distribute – For All Projects” contains:
  • in Q1 2023: the total amount of profit to be distributed equally among all tokens sold during the period from presale to Q4 2022 inclusive. 2022 inclusive.
  • in all subsequent quarters: the total amount of profit to be distributed equally among all tokens sold during the period from the presale to the quarter that is calculated as “Current Quarter minus 2”, inclusive. For example, the payout on tokens sold in Q1. 2023, begins to accrue from Q3. 2023 г.
  1. Column 7 “Average payout per 1 token” shows the average yield of 1 token in currency in the current period.
  2. Column 8 “Actual Average Yield of 1 token, % p.a.” shows the average annualized yield given its average purchase price of 1 token and the payout amount received on it in the current quarter.
  3. Columns 10 through 14 of the FinModel show similar data to the previous ones, calculated cumulatively and displaying the final actual average return (% p.a.) per token for the entire period through the end of the current quarter.