How we go about the AGTI token model

Short token value

If a token generates a profit in money of P per year, the market price of the token cannot be less than about 10P.For large enterprises like Coca-Cola, the market gives 100P.

And we put the price at about 1.5*P i.e. undervalued and buying now is profitable…
The big companies are sometimes at a loss, but their stocks don’t fall to zero. Okay, by 20-30%.
Thus, ovners who bought the token in advance at 3 cents got (and are getting!) fantastic interest! I recall how those who bought at 5 cents in the fall were unhappy with how they got “only” 16% APR on New Year’s Day. Where else would they get them? At the same time, yes, we did not get 80 per annum, but the capitalization and stability (in military conditions) of the company increased, and thus the value of the token… After all, we completed the boiler house, created a generator substation and worked without light in November-January! If given those funds to profit, what would we be paying out now? Few people have been able to do that, which is why the prices of vegetables are huge. And that’s our profit today…..

As we can see, the model works quite correctly – invested, capitalized, and then the interest rate with the growing price of the token. Who buys today, will be satisfied tomorrow, and happy the day after tomorrow with all of us! There is already enough practice to talk about the success of the model. Soon, hopefully the coming dividends will add weight to my words…..
Well, and utility AGTInw… Very interesting how it will go in and the synergies with agribusiness.

A PERSONAL PROHIBITION, not a promise for 2024:
Let’s go public
50 million AGTI for sale
AGTInw version 2.3
Community – 50,000 people
AGTI quotes around $2
Dividends for the year are about $0.2 per AGTI