We are launching our referral program with three goals:
1. Allow people who share our ideas – to take them out into the world and make good money from it
2. Increase recognition and purchase of AGTI token worldwide
3. Distribute our new utility function, which will take distributed computing to a whole new level

I would like to note that if you managed to attract 10000 dollars worth of token buyers for a month, the referral reward will be 350-500$ (depends on the status), and the same amount you will give to your refovod. Having formed a ten-level network of referrals for a few months, you will be able to receive more, approximately about $ 1000 per month from their purchases.
Further, if you want to more actively earn and promote, from the specified received money, you will have to pay for advertising, estimated, $ 500 per month, will increase the specified earnings in three times.
Of course, you should be creative – go to foreign locations, write in foreign languages, and not just translate our posts, but go into it, write from yourself and about your experience of working with us, indicate your promo code and report on discounts that will receive referrals, help with the purchase of tokens for newcomers to crypto
A ten-level referral will allow you to quickly reach out to the world – remember the five handshake theory – and bring in passive income for a long time.
Don’t stop with facebook, twitter, telegram, tik-tok, google ads!
There’s the more professional Mastodon, Lens Protocol, Mirror, Steemit, Minds, Status, Peepeth, Farcaster, Reddit.
There are plenty of cryptocurrency and investment forums…
You can create your own page, and more than one – all this will bring live money and quickly (I speak from my practice).
Don’t forget, facebook and google ads ban crypto, there you need to position yourself as an investment in Ukrainian agriculture and (a little later) distributed computing.
The referral program is already in testing, another week of auditing, and we’ll launch.
Who has their own ideas on how to make money from it, work programs, etc. – already waiting in a private message.