AgroGloryTime development concept

In a war, the rear is also important, so I want to give as an example of the successful work and development plans of AGT during the war and after the victory.

AgroGloryTime development concept
Investment in the future! Reality! 100% per annum and higher in the living agribusiness of Ukraine!
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It was difficult, very difficult, to take on this text. But it is necessary. Given the stressful conditions and recent events, we had to significantly rethink our development principles, where we are going.
After all, our task, in the conditions of social turbulence, is to preserve and develop our principles - environmental friendliness, innovation and organicity, stability, profitability, transparency.
Let's start with objective realities.
War, the fuel crisis, the economic crisis make us think about risk diversification, the formation of sustainable resource and monetary funds, and the reduction of production costs...
On the other hand, there are pluses - our site, adjacent to the borders of Hungary and Romania, acquires strategic importance, and the onset of the food crisis significantly increases our profitability and liquidity.
And the first thing that is needed is to increase the investment portfolio by attracting investors from all over the world both in fiat money and through crypto investments.
Given the growing interest and sympathy for Ukraine, now is the time to do this by constructing a basic model for our development.
Now every investor understands that after the end of the war, a huge amount of money will be poured into Ukraine through international organizations and privately, which makes investments here as attractive as possible.
For our part, we must promptly prepare a number of cost-effective projects for financing, prepare financing and withdrawal schemes, and ensure the company's confident and transparent work during the war period.
What projects are we talking about?
Let us first dwell on the working and already described on the site and on the channel

  1. General financing at interest. We started with 100% per annum at the beginning of the 20th, then lowered the rate to 75 and then stopped at 50. However, due to emergency circumstances, we raised the rate again to 100 (until 01.06.22/75/01.09.22), then we will lower it to 50 (until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX ) and then we will return to XNUMX. We have been successfully working with such financing for two years already, the depositors are satisfied. However, this tool seems outdated to us and we plan to gradually transfer it to crypto, which will be discussed later.
  2. Purchase of a greenhouse. In our opinion, an even more secured project. Up to 100% per annum, the figure is real, they have already worked for two seasons.
    Excellent security, profitability and exit capability. Now 20 greenhouses have been built and we are increasing the number, but the plan is up to 200-300, so the investment opportunity is open. We ourselves develop and improve the design, with each new greenhouse, the stability of work, efficiency, and productivity increase.
  3. Mushroom and storage project. Profitability promises to be even higher, security - co-ownership of a unique rock storage. The downside is the launch of the project no earlier than at the end of 2023.
    But our 2000-hectare plot of land allows us to carry out new projects that are only being developed now:
  4. Customs infrastructure of the Hizha post, border with Romania.
    Our fields are directly adjacent to the customs post, which is temporarily closed. All cargo posts on the western border of Ukraine are overloaded, so our project will significantly relieve the logistics of Ukraine. And modern infrastructure will make it as profitable and secure as possible.
  5. Processing of fruits and vegetables.
    The company has a large number of industrial sites that it plans to use for modern processing - shock freezing, cold processing bio-additives, etc.
  6. Other projects.
    We have a whole package of proposals for the cultivation and processing of various crops, the construction of an eco-park and an eco-village.

As targeted or general funding becomes available, these projects will be developed and launched.

Ways of financing.

  1. We have already submitted $15 million for reparation from the Russian Federation. There is no doubt that this amount will be received, but apparently not soon.
  2. Participation in international programs to overcome the food crisis. We have already submitted UAH 60 million to the UN program, and in the near future we expect other opportunities for state and international support.
  3. And, of course, private investors. For two years now we have been successfully and mutually beneficially working on the programs indicated at the beginning of the article. BUT! Now, given the worldwide compassion, sympathy and interest in Ukrainian business, a window of opportunity has opened to attract money from all over the world. And, while maintaining schemes with fiat currencies, we consider it necessary and even urgent to switch to cryptofinancing, which we will now discuss in more detail.

Planned crypto funding.

Benefits for us - no formalities, automated payout, lower entry fee, investors from all over the world and much more, our stable and profitable work with worldwide coverage will surely help to find large international investors for individual joint projects.

Advantages for investors - high profitability, security of crypto assets with real business, goods, land, real estate.

Our crypto programs.

  1. 35% per annum on the dollar with monthly interest payments. The investor deposits at least $100 into the wallet at the Binance exchange rate in crypto and receives payments. The program is in the stage of testing and preparation for release.
  2. Company tokenization. In the white paper, we provide legal guarantees of the security of the token. Tokens are issued at a price of 10 cents. Which corresponds to 0,000002% of the company's value today. During the year from the issue, as demand or according to the schedule, the price of the token rises to the nearest prospective price of the company, that is, up to 30 cents, and with this the token enters the exchange.
    Features and benefits of our token -
    a. Tokens in the amount of 100000 pieces are unconditionally exchanged for real 0.1% participation in the company.
    b. The profit of the company is paid out annually for each token. The first year - 25%, the second - 50%, the third - 40%, this is a guaranteed minimum (from the initial cost of the token). Further, guarantees on the profitability of the token are removed, but expectedly at least 30-40%.
    in. In addition, the token itself, with the growth of the company, will grow in price.

If the program is more or less successfully implemented in this form, and the enterprise is capitalized up to $100000 per hectare, there are plans to purchase additional land both in Ukraine and in the EU and other countries in order to turn AGT into an international corporation.