Multi-level referral program

AgroGloryTime announces tiered referral program


Wartime dictates its own conditions – market downturns, blackouts, reduced investment with the need to stockpile and purchase additional equipment. And we have to start new projects too! Thus, in order to grow the project within the model, new methods of raising funding are needed.

Referral Program The program is selected based on the following considerations:

– high efficiency at moderate costs

– the opportunity to communicate our idea and model to the world

– creating additional income and passive income for our ovners, especially for those who have some tokens, but understand the essence of AGTI and have time to spread information about our project.

– with moderate work (half an hour a day) refovodovoda he creates for himself in a few months of active income about several thousand dollars a month and passive – several hundred dollars.At the same time, with the growth of generations income can reach and tens of thousands of dollars!

– AGTI itself is a revolutionary product based on a serious real business, so the referral campaign will not turn into a pyramid scheme, but will be analogous to an MLM-company selling real and necessary goods.


1. The model is ten-tiered, immediately beneficial to both the ref and the referrer

2. Each wallet that has already purchased a token is assigned a promo code.

3- Whoever bought a token on automatically gets such a promo code.

4. Buyer A, who specifies the promotional code of refoder B when buying tokens on the site is called his “son” and B is called A’s “father”.

5. The one who bought (after AGTI unlisting) a token on the exchange or P4P gets a promo code when registering on the site at the time of dividend withdrawal, at the next payout, or has to buy a token on the site for a tokenized amount.

6. If all tokens from the wallet are sold, the wallet still participates in the referral program.

7. Each promo code (wallet) has a category. Default “promoter” 7% bonus to referral and 7% to seniors, increased – “master” – 10%, “guru” – 15%. Agroglorytime has the ability to change the specified percentage figures for categories in the algorithm, as well as assign categories to wallets manually. Master and guru statuses are granted for a limited time.

8. Order of calculations within the program

– each wallet has an attached referral account where referral funds are accrued and transferred

– When you purchase x amount of token with the father’s promo code, the son receives a

to his referral account N% of x, and the same amount – N% of x – is transferred to his father’s referral account. The program takes that money away from the purchase the son made.

essentially 2N% of the purchase price AGT spends on a referral campaign

N=7 (for promoter), 10 (master), 15 (guru)

– In turn, the father passes to the grandfather ½ of what he received from the son, the grandfather to the great-grandfather ½ of what he received from the father, and so on up to the fatherless purse or to the 10th ancestor. If there is no father, the father is considered AGROGLORYTIME and the money is transferred to the wallet of the company itself, no attempt is made to go to the first generation of the whole team of ovners

– Funds from the referral account can be withdrawn at any time in the same order as the rewards are taken, they are accrued once a week.

Those who build 10 generations will provide themselves with passive income in large volume for a long time!