About Us

The global goal of the project is the monetization and capitalization of the site to the level of $100 per hectare.

AgroGloryTime — Ukrainian agro-industrial group, which includes the parent company OJSC APG "Zakarpatsky Sad", which has in perpetual use over 2000 hectares of fertile land in a strategic location - on the border with Hungary and Romania.

And more than twenty companies and private entrepreneurs working on the land and real estate of the "Zakarpatsky Sad" on various projects.

Since 2020, we have been accepting investments and paying up to 100% per annum.

Land, 2062,2 hectares is, according to Act II-LC No. 000863 of 02.09.1997/XNUMX/XNUMX, in perpetual use of OJSC APG "Zakarpatsky Sad" (EGRPOU 00413771). The legality of using this site is confirmed by the Decree of May 18.05.2006, 5 of the Economic Court of the Transcarpathian region. in case 64/09.10.2006-A, Ruling dated XNUMX Lviv Economic Court of Appeal in case 5/64-A, Decision No. 5-rp dated September 22.09.2005, 1 of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in case No. 17-2005/XNUMX.

We have developed an author's model of real business tokenization.

We are also interested in working with wholesale buyers of our products.

We are ready to consider projects for work on our land.

We offer various investment programs.

Your money will work on Ukrainian soil and bring you profit.

Main location:

Transcarpathian region, Beregovsky district

Korolevo village, Komarova st., 8


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