According to our planned tokens
• Start and end date of the token sale.
Beginning tentatively September 1, 2022. Packages will be sold for $500000. The price of the token will grow from package to package as the real assets of the company grow
• What types of currencies are accepted (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)?
The ten most common currencies. We are waiting for offers at the pre-sale stage
• Is there a working product already?
The company is successfully working
• Is there a roadmap?
She is on the telegram channel @AgroGloryTime
• What will the tokens be based on?
• Tokens: the number of issued and mined tokens, whether there is a limit on the issue, how the initial value is determined
Maximum 1000000000 tokens. No further issue is made, the value is determined by the assets of the company, subsequently on the stock exchange
• price of tokens, what will happen to unsold tokens.
Start - 0,05US$, by the time of entering the exchange we plan to 0,2US$, then we put it on the exchange in packages. Unsold tokens are sold in the following packages. Tokens that are converted into shares at the request of the owner are burned
• Are there Escrows (guarantors with access to the funds raised)?
OAO APG "Zakarpatsky Sad" owns assets worth 50000000US$ and is a guarantor, which is legally formalized and secured by filing a document with the SEC USA
• Audit of the source code by independent auditors, availability of source codes on GitHub.
For discussion
• Distribution of tokens: how much for a team, how much for ICO, how much for bounty activity. Distribution automatic or manual?
While manual. On the bounty - for now, as much as they earn. The rest is sold in packages of 500000US$
• Pre-ICO: what will the first investors get and under what conditions (how many tokens have already been issued, how many have been sold and how many will be issued).
Tokens are issued one-time, the first investors will receive the cheapest price of 0,03 Us$
• Who are the mentors, advisers, experts?
Developer - Dante Labs
• What are the partners among blockchain services and financial institutions (eg PWC, banks, investors)?
We are in the process of searching
• Conditions of the bounty program.
• Preliminary arrangements for listing on stock exchanges and listing terms.
While there are no agreements
• Bonuses depending on the time of investment. Or bonuses depending on the percentage of the total output.
The value of the token grows over time, nothing more
• Is there a maximum hidden cap that stops fundraising.
• For citizens of the US and other countries: are investments accepted from them?
YES, our tokens are fungible with existing shares, therefore there are no violations of securities laws
• Funds received: is there a uniform distribution of funds to the team over two to three years?
No, the money is invested in a real voluminous and profitable business
• Motivations for investing: profit sharing, selling on the exchange, participation in management, buyback? Is it a long term investment or a short term one?
Each investor participates in profits, which are paid out annually. Tokens can be freely sold at any time. Participation in management is possible through the DAO, or after the exchange of tokens for company shares. Minimum 100000 tokens. The investment is permanent, like a share in a business.
• At what amount of funds raised is a campaign considered successful? Is there a refund if the goal is not reached?
With any. No return
• After the completion of the ICO: what will the collected funds go to?
For real projects.
• Are there different development models depending on the money raised?
A priority:
Vegetable growing, greenhouses, mushrooms, vegetable storage, processing, customs post, gardens, eco-village etc
We are waiting for new questions!