Our Documents

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2022.12.01 Investment agreement

  1. 22.12.01 Investment agreement contribution
  2. 22.12.01 Contract of sale token
  3. 22.12.01 Contract of entrustment contribution

Land documents

  1. State act on the right of permanent land use
  2. Technical documentation for the land. с. Khizha, Novoselitsa
  3. Court decisions
  4. Maps and geopositioning
  5. Rights of perpetual use of the Zakarpattya Orchard AGT
  6. Joint venture agreement
  7. cadastral statements
  8. Licenses and awards “Transcarpathian Garden”

Shares – statement of shares of NDU

  1. Stocks

Teplice minutes minutes charter corporate agreement sd on land

  1. Protocol
  2. Statute
  3. Corporate agreement

Insurance company valuation

Front page

Page two

The insurance company valued one greenhouse of the first complex (non-thermos) at $120,000.

We did not evaluate the greenhouses of the second complex. We figure the figure would be around $200,000.

Tokens – public offer

Publichnyy Agreement (UA)

Public Contract (EN)

Public Agreement (RU)