Passive income, opportunities and dangers

In this article we will try to summarize the pros and cons of passive income sources.

1.Purchase of real estate with renting out.

The main risk is a drop in real estate and rental values. The main plus is that when the market rises, both the value of the property and the rental value increases. High reliability. Minuses – low (1% per annum) yield. It’s a lot of work.

2.Bank deposit.

In Ukraine – seemingly reliable and profitable. Until the bank says “ciao” to you and you can’t prove anything to anyone. High liquidity. But it is better to put a deposit somewhere in the Emirates, the yield there is lower – 1% but will not be lost, will not be taken away by the tax authorities, and it will be your small reserve.

3.Purchase of land.

The cost will go up in the long run. But to get income right now – you have to work hard and invest. Low liquidity and labor intensive. But if you work hard, you’ll get up to 500% per annum. The risk is low.

4. hedge funds, forex, exchange speculators.

If you go into this business, it’s with a serious American company. There’s a chance for a high return, and there’s a chance for a loss, too. Not badly shown in the movies The Wolf of Wall Street and Billions. If we talk about their Ukrainian “colleagues” – not recommended. Nobody trades anything there, under the pretext of “playing” you will be generated a statement with a gradual loss of your money. And that’s it. Check. You say someone’s on the plus side? – It’s possible. Take a risk. In America. Liquidity is good. Yield from -100% to +500!

5. Buying shares of well-known companies and well-known cryptocurrencies.

A bit risky, but also very interesting. It’s the gut that counts. Profitability ranges from total loss to very high. Would have bought a bitcoin in 2010… Liquidity is good.

6. Financial pyramids and other HYIPs.

100% you will be scammed unless you are close to an insider. Yes, sometimes someone manages to make money, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

7. Credit Unions.

Well, a good credit union is probably the optimal solution. Quick liquidity, good interest rates. It is true that Ukraine has a high currency risk. Unfortunately, there are many bankruptcies of such institutions – you can’t guess.

8.Venture capital investment is a chic thing….

In Japan, America, etc. Our scientists are all crooks. We speak responsibly, because our founder worked for many years as an expert in different patent-investment venture funds in Kiev (we will not name them). And its services were quickly rejected, because the purpose of the owners of the fund is to fool investors’ heads with various patents, certificates, tests, and not to give an objective assessment of charlatans. Then the cream is skimmed off and investors are on the losing end. Not a single “invention” in all the years our founder has adopted it! Since his firing, some of these “accomplishments” have been invested in by investors and…. disappeared for the most plausible reasons. So – cool, but not us!

9.Direct investment.

If we’re talking about honest, transparent business – I guess that’s the solution. High profitability with good reliability. If we talk about SevlushFoods – our liquidity is still weak, we do not have the ability (yet) to buy out our liabilities in advance, although they can be sold to a third party if necessary. But what is the profitability – 100% per annum!

Our plot of land is the largest private compact plot on the border with the European Union. (2,062 ha.)

It takes a lot of money to capitalize it qualitatively.

Therefore, we are looking for those who are consciously willing to invest in profitable agro-production.

This will allow us to eventually bring the object among the leaders of horticulture in Ukraine, and to introduce modern agro-technologies:

-organic greenhouses,

-drip irrigation,

-deep product processing,

-compliance with sustainable production and organic farming standards.

This is the kind of product that the European Union consumes almost unlimitedly and at a good price.

And reliability – everything is done in front of your eyes, and it’s backed by a huge inventory of capital goods.

We are open to cooperation – don’t let scammers and financial intermediaries profit from you!


“The global goal of the project is to monetize and capitalize the site to the level of Holland.”