WHY AGTI TOKENS Worth Buying January-23

It would seem that by purchasing a token now, the first dividends will be paid only on July 1, probably, you have to wait until the end of March, and then the first dividends are accrued in just three months.
The opinion seems to be logical, but erroneous.
Our model is built in such a way that the earlier you buy a token, the more profitable it is.
Let me remind you that those who bought before July 1, 2022 received VERY good dividends, and they will grow and grow according to AGTI tokenomics.
The factors for the nearest increase in the price of the token are as follows:

  1. The launch of the referral program will undoubtedly lead to an increase in token sales, and with it an increase in the price by 20-30 percent in the first quarter of 2023.
    In addition, the referral will help our associates earn extra good money by promoting not only the idea of ​​a bridge between agribusiness and crypto, but also a new idea of ​​utility, which can be very interesting to the whole world.
  2. The spring harvest promises to be quite good, which will also increase the value of the token by 10-30 percent.
  3. The announcement of a new type of utility function, apparently, will also increase the demand for the token, and with it the price, we cannot make a forecast. But given the interest even in the New York Times, as well as development groups and some world-class investment funds, hopes are good.

Therefore, for those who are thinking about buying, we recommend that you study:

The public offer of the token is a must!!
our model
Our business
History of our work
The history of the token (and payouts - in conditions of war, market fall, blackouts)
The idea of ​​a referral program and consider the degree of your interest in it
Well, soon - a new utilitarian function - its success is not clear yet, but I guarantee non-triviality.

Further -
Make a decision, as they say, with your heart
Consideration "buy at the end of the quarter" - I recommend sweeping aside as unreasonable.