I will also join you, to thank you, I received a gift, everything is very delicious, very malty firecrackers and pomidori, I share with my family and all praise).
Svvdichni savory and as they say, invest in what you would use yourself. I would buy such vegetables, so I think the issue of additional investment is already solved:))))


Company Name

Good day to you all! A year has passed since my acquaintance with AGTI tokens and almost a year since their purchase. A lot of things have changed in the meantime, except for one thing – my attitude to the project. It was definitely the right decision and I believe in the team that is working on it, putting a lot of effort for its realization. Thanks to AgroGloryTime Chat I got a lot of useful information (I am not always in chat, but I read all the information when I can, even if I don’t understand everything). I help self-development in various spheres (especially crypto-literacy). Thank you to the admins and all the non-bidder, who always come to help in different situations: send videos, necessary links or even perform the p2p function (if there are problems in getting USDT). Pavlo and Dar’ya are superheroes of agribusiness for me (I did not find zucchini and mushrooms). I don’t know where they find the time for everything. And yesterday I received a gift (in the form of firecrackers and pomidorivas), which arrived from Vinogradovo to Kiev and also in one day! Everything was in a wonderful look and vegetables are very savory (already served my friends and they appreciated the delicious quality of products). Thank you for the turbot about ordinary (I do not have a large number of tokens) investors, strength and great harvests I do not agitate anyone, but the number of tokens that are realized is decreasing, to who has not yet succeeded, so as not to get zaziznivsya. Have a good weekend.

Good day, fellow investors! I want to share my impressions from yesterday’s visit to our asset. Visited him 1.5 years ago, a year ago and yesterday. The first thing that catches the eye is the organization of the process – no one staggers, no one walks, everyone and everything in its place. I didn’t see any unnecessary operating costs – everything is sufficient. Some greenhouses are harvested, most are fruiting, tomato and cucumber are delicious. A zucchini plantation surprised and a new field of tomatoes… New seedlings are being prepared for planting. Special thanks to our workers and managers – believe me in 34 degrees outside in the greenhouse for 40 and moisture… Very difficult and painstaking process. The harvest is carefully removed, sorted, and packed into new boxes, which, for a second, they fold and ship to customers themselves. There’s order everywhere. The ground doesn’t walk. The boilers are ready for the cold. Irrigation water tank is full, utilities are in operation. In a word, super! For myself, I have confirmed confidence in the project. I’ll keep investing! Vegetables on the crypt is a very serious thing!!!!

Good afternoon, decided to stop by and pick up the dividends. I’m shocked. 25% of the deposit received) very cool result!!! Way to go)
Reinvested right away

My personal fin result on agrotokens today is +165%. It’s all bonuses, referrals and dividends. From September 2022.