Referral program will help to promote the token and earn good money!

– Let’s explain what this program can bring, when we jointly promote it – further it will go like a snowball from the mountain – and the received resource will allow to launch new projects on the lands and also to spread the utility of token AGTInw. We need about 10k community to launch it, and now we are up to 1000. But if 10k people have AGTInw – it will take off, and with it the value of the token.

– Now let’s see. Once the referrals are launched, the most active members are already receiving several hundred dollars a week for referring people (I’m not counting here 7% of their referral fee for buying the token, just for referring).

Further, warming up the community will increase that figure to REALLY THOUSANDS of dollars a week.
Don’t forget that the generation number doesn’t matter, and whoever joins in a year has the same opportunities. There are a billion people in cryptocommunity, and we are unlikely to have more than 100 thousand community in a year. That means there’s enough room for 20 generations.
About one in ten referrals will become active themselves, passing their half of the reward on to the older generation. And for a quarter the amount of remuneration of active refoders of the first generation will grow by one and a half times, in another quarter (when the third generation will go) by another 20% and so on – in practice we will see.
But given that the token grows in value and brings dividends – the amount of earnings of active workers referral will gradually reach TEN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH.

The value of the token, however, will be boosted not only by the company’s capitalization, but also by the utility function AGTInw, which can only go so far if a large community starts working with it

Sample example of a referral program calculation
Let’s assume that each active user buys a token for 100$ (we have an average purchase of about 1000$) and attracts for a month 3 active users (and can attract 100!, there are already wallets with several dozens of sons – for 10 days of work)
Then he gets from the first generation

From the second

From the third

From the tenth
3.5%:(2 in ninth)*(3 in tenth)*100$=$403.655.
So that’s about $1,000 a month

The generation-to-generation payout reduction factor is -2. Accordingly, anyone who wants to build such a system should strive to have at least three sons in a month, such that they will strive for the same. That’s the secret, not the amounts of their purchases. And then here’s your $1,000 dollars a month.
I’m about to give numbers for four and five sons (that’s more of an overestimate), but the $100 figure seems adequate to me for an average purchase

For 4, it’s about 12,000 a month
For 5, it’s about $100,000 a month

That is, the fecundity (activity) of the participants plays a very important role