The AGTI project has proven its seriousness and stability and going public in 2024 will be a logical and expected step that will predictably develop the project further.

We are now in talks with a number of exchanges, at about the second tier in terms of size. If we have a successful advertising campaign in America, we’ll be talking to tier one exchanges as well. We are then talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars to enter, if not a million! But we’ll work all of this out with the community.

What measures are we preparing now so that the start on the exchange will not be a failure?

The first thing that is absolutely necessary is a time limit on issuance. We have approximately already developed a restrictive algorithm, meaning that even though we have a billion tokens, we won’t be able to sell them immediately. We will put a certain number of tokens on crowdsale at a certain time, and at first this number will grow, and then gradually decrease, like Bitcoin and go to zero after many years. This one will provide long-term stability.

Further, we don’t want a period when all of our community members, or almost all of them, started dumping two to five dollars worth of our tokens, bought for pennies a piece, become millionaires, and then, thus, the exchange rate gets zamped to almost zero. We have this token with absolute value, it’s not designed for something like this, so we will definitely issue partial restrictions on the sale of AGTI for a certain amount of time. This will be the second factor that will help us manage the price of our token.

The next important factor is the creation of an intelligent network, which I have already almost formed in my head. Once we get this network up and running, it will gradually self-organize. That’s the whole point, similar to the development of an embryo’s brain. It starts with a single cell, then it divides, it responds to challenges, and eventually it becomes a human brain. We will have a similar situation where we will increase the number of computing power and AGTIneurons that will self-organize the smart grid. And AGTI is necessary to work with it – thus there will be a growing need for the token with limited supply.

We will also offer an interesting game specifically about our P2E agribusiness – sketches are already available, let’s start with a cartoon. It’s demand is not a token either! And advancement!

Another idea is to create a DAO with a supervisory board, with 20% of all tokens set aside as a reserve for the protection of owners. This DAO will provide insurance for token dump risks, retain large holders and insure small holders as a watchdog for shareholders. In order to contribute to the DAO, AGTI will need to be staked precisely for the purpose of participating in the DAO at a small percentage. The DAO will decide which coins and tokens to purchase to secure AGTI, and other risk management issues. As a result, increase the additional liquidity of tokens, which will also support their value.

We will also launch a simple staking mechanism, at a good percentage – which will vary to further reduce the number of tokens to go on the exchange, to discourage low priced token sales. This will be implemented on our site and you will be able to pick up your tokens after a year or a few months with a bonus.

Please complete with a list of suggestions on how to strengthen and improve the value of the token. I would like to add that we are actively working on algorithms and plan to launch our token on the exchange possibly on April 1 or July 1, 2024, if there are no bull market issues. We have to enter the market profitably and establish ourselves there.