Actual BIG INVESTOR project

Main characteristics

Amount of investment - 2000000 dollars

Payback period - 2 years

Investor profit from year 2 - $2000000 annually, paid monthly.

The essence of the project

A plot of 114 hectares has been allocated for the greenhouse complex (contour 103,107,110 of the Royal Selrada), borehole water supply (9m), electricity has been supplied, drainage trenches have been made, and a railway line is nearby.

40 greenhouses 100 * 10 * 5 m of our design are being built, with automatic ventilation, heating, lighting, drainage, a warehouse of 600 sq.m, a 6MW boiler room with a heating main of 600m.

The amount of investment is sufficient for the full launch and operation of the complex.

The first year is construction and adjustment. From the second year onwards - work.

We launched one such complex for 24 greenhouses and is successfully operating in the neighborhood (2 km - 40, 41 contours of the Koroevsky selrada).

Products - cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, microgreens.

Sales are still in Ukraine, but we are planning in the EU, taking into account the fact that we are located on the border between Hungary and Romania. We plan to implement as an organic enterprise. Ownership structure - LLC with an authorized capital of $ 4 million, 2 - investors and 2 - ours. The investor invests money, and we build, grow and sell. Profit in half.


Calculation for 2023 - 2024 

Monthharvest, tPrice kg,
Thousand UAH
 Thousand UAH
 Thousand UAH
 Thousand UAH
Thousand UAH
Thousand UAH
Thousand UAH

Thus, for the period of 22-24 years the investor's profit will be 281970000:2=140985000 UAH or about 4 million dollars. Under a pessimistic scenario, the amount of profit will decrease by no more than two times. 

Explanation of the annual cycle. 

Planting cucumber seedlings in August with a smooth transplant for fruiting in greenhouses in September.

Planting tomato seedlings in March in a nursery, transplanting into greenhouses in May for a crop in August-September. The figures are taken from the practice of a complex of 24 greenhouses operating in the neighborhood

More about greenhouses

We have developed a system that allows us to make "thermo-greenhouses" of industrial size, that is, 100m long, 10m wide and 5m high.

Heat saving in a farmer's film greenhouse in winter is the main problem for reducing the cost of production. Cucumber loves heat, and it is the technology developed by us that allows us to double the thermal insulation of the greenhouse, and reduce the cost of production by three times by increasing the yield and reducing fuel costs. 

The principle of operation of the greenhouse-thermos pressurized.

Two layers of film are mounted on the frame (on the dome and both facades). Inside, a snail is installed on the top of the facade - this is a special engine that takes hot air from the top of the greenhouse dome and delivers it to the space between two layers of film using special corrugated pipes. Flanges are attached to the inner layer of the film - they allow you to fix the corrugated pipe on the film, while not tearing the inner film during operation. The supply of hot air into the interfilm space is carried out periodically, using a timer. To maintain the required pressure between the layers of the film, the engine runs for 5-10 minutes, and the greenhouse is "blown away" for 15-20 minutes.

Thus, two layers of film with air between them hold heat better than glass greenhouses.

The frame of the greenhouse consists of arches, longitudinal girders and reinforcing elements, which gives the structure reliability and absolute resistance to any weather conditions. The reserve of rigidity is designed for the operation of the greenhouse under any gusts of wind and snow loads. The frame is installed by installing all the arches and facade legs on the heel piles. Greenhouses are made of round and profile pipes. The arches of the greenhouse are made of a round pipe with a diameter of 40 mm and a wall thickness of 4 mm. A round pipe d 32 mm with a wall thickness of 2 mm, a thick-walled round pipe (side ventilation) is also used. The facade parts and side ventilation of the greenhouse consist of round and shaped pipes of various sections with a wall thickness of 2 mm. Frame coating - special paint, allows you not to tint the frame throughout the entire life of the film. Preventive work with the frame is carried out during the replacement of the film - once every 6 - 7 years.

A top ventilation system is installed on the greenhouse, which excludes drafts. In warm weather, raised transoms provide full ventilation without losing the greenhouse effect for plants. 

Tapestry system (the so-called "bows"). For tall garters, we mount trellises. These are horizontal jumpers inside the greenhouse through an arch at a height of 2500 mm from the ground. Tapestries are used for tying tall plants, for fixing and hanging irrigation, lighting, etc. Also, the trellis system is an additional reinforcing element of the greenhouse frame, giving rigidity to the frame.
In the future, cables are laid on the trellises, to which plants are tied. 

Film for the greenhouse. On greenhouses with pressurization in two layers, a film of French production is mounted under our order, 150 microns thick with a guarantee for 10 years. 

Fixing the film on the frame of the greenhouse. The film is attached to the frame using special profiles for greenhouse film. The principle of fixing the film: a galvanized cassette is mounted on the pipe, into which a greenhouse film is inserted in two layers, a galvanized spring is placed inside. When replacing the film, the flat spring is removed from the cassette, then put back, while ensuring a secure fastening of the film. The profile will last at least 20 years.

Main advantage - more stable temperature in the greenhouse, energy efficiency, no drafts.

Planned average yield – 3 tons of cucumber/tomato per week. Guaranteed 1,5t in winter, 2t in summer.


From investment to launch

Metal 250 000

Film  100 000

Welding work 100 000

Installation 20 000

Boiler 50 000

heating main 70 000

Boiler connection 20 000

Pumps 30 000

Thermos system 20 000

Hoses in PM droplet and high pressure 30 000

Beds 20 000

Arrangement of heating and irrigation 50 000

Well 30 000

Zero cycle 30 000

Protection 10 000

Firemen 10 000

Seedling and care 50 000

Fertilizers applied to the soil 20 000

Illumination lamps 100 000

Arrangement of illumination 30 000

Generators 50 000

Diesel fuel, electrodes and other consumables 30 000

Painting 30 000

Silt 50 000

Pus 10 000

Miscellaneous work 50 000

Tanks and strapping 20 000

Loading and transport to the field 20 000

Rollers, ropes, blocks  20 000

Fans  50 000

Accumulators 10 000



Land deed and all documents

Land, 2062,2 hectares is, according to Act II-LC No. 000863 of 02.09.1997/XNUMX/XNUMX, in perpetual use of OJSC APG "Zakarpatsky Sad" (EGRPOU 00413771). The legality of using this site is confirmed by the Decree of May 18.05.2006, 5 of the Economic Court of the Transcarpathian region. in case 64/09.10.2006-A, Ruling dated XNUMX Lviv Economic Court of Appeal in case 5/64-A, Decision No. 5-rp dated September 22.09.2005, 1 of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in case No. 17-2005/XNUMX.

The site for the first complex has already been included in the geocadastre, and the proposed one will be included before the end of the year.

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