Tokenization of the company

AGTI token model (EN)

Model token AGTI (UA)

We put up legal guarantees in the white paper that the token is secured. The tokens are issued at a price of 5 cents. Which equates to one billionth of the company’s value today. Within a year or two of issuance, the price of the token is raised to the company’s nearest prospective price, i.e. about 30 cents, and with that the token goes public.

Features and benefits of our token:

  • Tokens in the amount of 100000 pieces are certainly exchanged for real 0.01% participation in the company.
  • Company profits are paid out quarterly on each token. The first year is 25%, the second 40%, this is the guaranteed minimum (of the face value of the token). Further, the guarantees on token profitability are removed, but expected to be at least 30-40%. Of AgroGloryTime Corporation’s profits from the funds invested in the token, 75% is paid in equal parts to all tokens purchased no later than the quarter preceding the reporting quarter (for which profits are paid).
  • In addition, the token itself, as the company grows, will increase in value.

If the program is more or less successfully implemented in the specified form, and the enterprise is capitalized up to 100000$ per ha, there are plans to purchase additional land both in Ukraine and in the EU and other countries, in order to turn AGT into an international corporation.