QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS according to the table


  1. Can you explain how the 3 fins differ. models? I see that the "minting algorithm" is different. Are you looking at different token release schedules?
    This is our interactive financial model, you can set the parameters yourself - how many tokens are sold per quarter and at what price each coinage. It is always minted for $500000. Further, the profitability in various development options is calculated. The goal was to justify that even on the 10th or more minting, it is profitable to buy a token. But the earlier you buy, the better the yield of the token
  2. I am concerned that the profitability of projects is fixed. What is the volatility? Is it possible to analyze risks and strategies when they occur?

Calculations for projects are on the site and on the channel. Of course, it is impossible to predict profit, so we use several projects for the stability of the company.
Risk TWO-insufficient yield and low price
There is no need to talk about the second
And the first he lays down on us, what to do. Profitability implies risk

For cabbage, there are calculations on the channel in May 22, for mushrooms on the channel in January-February 22

  1. You can also describe the algorithm for buying a certificate now. What documents are required? Will the token be sold?

From you full name TIN amount
We sign a contract remotely
The token will be credited to you in July
Profit will be accrued from the 1st quarter of the 23rd, possibly earlier
It will be possible to sell not earlier than in a year - now the wrong market and the token should take root. Otherwise it will be eaten, we don't need it

Will the token be credited to a specific internal account? My securities account? Is it possible to have some kind of garter to cryptogams?

For the vesting period (the period when it is not yet possible to sell), the token will be with us but will be registered with you. You will receive profit in USDT to your wallet and spend it. After the end of the vesting, the token will go to your wallet and you can sell
I want to be sure that it is necessary to sell it no earlier than in 5 years, when the growth rate of AGT capitalization will decrease

But isn't the main profit disappearing? Or are some dividends still being paid out there?

That is the value of our token
From the 23rd quarterly dividends are paid
As the calculation shows, for newcomers, even for $ 3, it will be at least 10% per annum in the first year and then more with an increase in capitalization
And if you bought for 3 cents - What will be the profitability?
The whole model is built on the fact that it is better to buy earlier
But not the principle of the pyramid, but the principle of shares - once 10% of APPLE shares were sold for $ 1000. Now they would cost 100 billion.